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              This site was illegally deleted by someone who wanted to keep this information from the public. 
         It's even more important to help spread the word about this level of corruption in case the site disappears permanently.

                                                    Quest Discovery Services, 981 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA

Quest Discovery Services is a corrupt court reporting agency. They have so much political power that employees can't be prosecuted for felonies they've committed.  This is a perfect example of how corrupt our legal system is.

Quest was hired by attorney Steven Bangerter to do the court reporting in a trial in which he was the defense attorney.
Quest had previously FALSIFIED AN OFFICIAL DEPOSITION for the Bangerter firm, and got away with it.

In the trial, the Quest court reporter was typing as the witnesses spoke, so they already had a complete transcript by the end of the trial.
A copy of the transcript was requested by the opposing side, as required for an appeal.
However, Quest demanded almost $35,000 for a mere 12 days of trial, for a transcript that was already typed up.

Then they created another problem by delaying release of the transcript.  Quest was, unfortunately, notified that the transcript was needed to help prosecute Bangerter.  Then Quest suddenly released all the transcript, but not until after it was too late to present the evidence to the DA for prosecution.
It appears that Quest employees are above the law and won't even be investigated.

So, beware -- this can happen to you.  Find out who is hired to do all your reporting needs, and thoroughly investigate that company.

The only way victims can get justice is if there is a crackdown on our horribly corrupt legal system.

If you have information, need someone to testify against Quest, etc. email:

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